The role of yacht agents

SuperyachtNews – 26 May 2018

How can superyachts have a more constructive relationship with yacht agents around the world?

Superyacht cruising itineraries continue to become more diverse and the constant changing of locations is keeping captains and crew on their toes when it comes to complying with different entrance procedures from country to country. While the captain or management company is ultimately responsible for the legal employment of the crew in each country the yacht visits and it is an individual crewmember’s responsibility to keep their own documents up to date, agents can help share the burden when it comes to putting additional paperwork and procedures in place when a yacht visits a new region.

“The vessel and its management body need to make sure crew are legally employed in accordance with their flag state,” explains Kerry Allerton, operations manager at Evolution Yacht Agents. “However, customs is another matter and port agents have a responsibility to inform their vessels of clearance requirements and expectations from immigration authorities in that respective port, as these can change not only within the EU customs zone but [also] from port to port in the same country. It is our responsibility to obtain the correct documents and facilitate the correct information between the vessel and the authorities.

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