Monaco Yacht Show 2018 Insight Report


“While we are grateful for the success of our large builds, it is essential not to forget that our core business must be between 50m and 80m,” continued Lürssen. “Although the preconception is that Lürssen only builds large yachts, we have delivered a considerable number of smaller vessels over the past 15 years, including 29 under 90m. Over the same period, we have delivered 15 yachts above 90m.

With both the interior and exterior penned by Bannenberg & Rowell Design, project 13800 represents the first time the two superyachting stalwarts have collaborated so closely since
Coral Island in 1994.

Elsewhere, Amico & Co., the Italian refit specialist, introduced a whole host of infrastructure developments that are due to be completed in the coming years. Chief among these are the creation of a new superyacht marina in Genoa and a proposal that will see the Amico & Co. refit facility become a turnkey destination for superyachts in the 40-150m range. The development of the refit facility includes a 15,000sqm yard expansion and the construction of a 4,000-ton shiplift capable of lifting vessels of around 95m.

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