Superyachts will no longer be able to anchor in areas of seagrass

However, questions remain over the implementation of France’s new prohibitive anchorage laws…


French anchorage laws are to change for yachts over 24m in order to protect endangered marine plant species, most notably Posidonia. The new regulations are due to be in place for the 2020 yachting season in France. The ECPY, spearheaded by its president Thierry Voisin, is in consultation with the necessary authorities as a means of ensuring that any ratified regulatory changes will not be draconian to the extent that they cause the yachting industry in France, and the communities that it supports, irreparable damage.

Posidonia is an underwater plant, or ‘seagrass’, found growing in the Mediterranean Sea between the shoreline and 25m depth, and is believed to be one of the most important sources of oxygen provided to coastal waters. Many scientists assert that Posidonia meadows are decreasing due to coastal activity, including the discharge of nutrient-rich waters, rainwater full of sediments and boating activities, such as anchoring.

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